Lish Sugaring System

The Lish Sugaring System when used regularly on clients can achieve optimal results whilst resulting in a reduced sensitivity. People have reported that it becomes less painful over time, with excellent results and silky smooth skin. Due to the exfoliating action and the reduction of hair breakage from hair extraction in the natural direction of growth, clients report being hair free for longer. Sugaring using Lish SugarGel allows hairs to grip effectively to the sugar paste whilst being gentle on the skin.

Lish sugaring system, sugaring hair removal

Add a touch of sweetness to your treatment menu and introduce Lish Sugaring System to your salon.

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About Sugaring

For centuries people all over the world have been using sugaring as a hair removal method. Made from all natural ingredients make it a safe, alternative to waxing. Sugaring removes the hair at the root which will cause a certain level of pain, however most people find it less painful than waxing. Sugaring doesn’t stick to living skin cells & can even be used cold meaning less irritation to the skin.

There are some distinct differences between home & professional use, such as cost, experience, sugar consistency and technique. Sugaring has gone from Cleopatra using it back in the Egyptian days to the everyday man & woman having these treatments at their local salon, either way over the years sugaring has proven to be effective and gentle when removing hairs.

Lish SugarGel

Lish SugarGel is Australian, made from natural ingredients and available in 2 consistencies –

Firm SugarGel and Soft SugarGel.

Lish sugar gel

Therapists can choose to use them on their own or mix them together in their hand to create the ideal consistency for the treatments. Lish SugarGel can be used with a spatula or with the hand method.


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Salon Pacific Industry Training offers extensive workshops and online training classes Lish Sugaring technician.

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