Prep it.. Scrub it.. Sanitise it.. Stick it.. These great lish products can be used with both our Acrylic and Gel ranges.



Art Brushes

Scrub It

Sizes Available: 250ml and 1lt
Use and wow factors:
One product many uses! You can use it to sanitise the natural nail before Prep It is used. Also can be used to remove sticky residue from gel when needed. Has a gentle and clean smell.

Sanitise It

Sizes Available: 300ml
Use and wow factors:
A fundamental component of every service. A light and quick drying hand sanitiser. The Client will enjoy the high level of sanitization the salon demonstrates.

Prep It Keratin Bond

Sizes Available: 10ml
Use and wow factors:
A non acid nail preparation suitable for use with Acrylic or Hard Gel. Acts like a double sided sticky tape to enhance product adhesion and longevity. Another great use is to apply prior to using lish Ribonette for great stick of this nail art product.

Stick It

Sizes Available: 10ml
Use and wow factors:
Brush on so you can control the amount used. Has a funnel neck that prevents drying out. Strong and quick adhesion with only using the smallest amount.

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